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Team Meeting 2010-09-01

Minutes of Rainbow Project Team Meeting on Sept. 1, 2010
  1. Introduciton
    • Introducing Ms. Ai Li, Mr. Jianming Xiang, Mr. Jiang Jiang
  2. Report on Summer 2010 Trips to China Moxi Yunnan(new and plan for going forward)
    • Jiang Jiang and Mengdan Chu accompanied the group to Moxi in July
    • Video has been uploaded:
  3. Finance update
    • AHCS support to AHRP waning.
    • Principal determined that budgeted Rainbow Support is for reimbursement.
      • Tsu needs to reimburse past purchases for the Spring Festival and other activities ASAP.
      • Not yet reimbursed: likely since 2005
    • Wang Wei: Need to discuss with the AHCS board to form a written agreement/memorandum regarding the support to AHRP.
  4. Remaining 2010 funds distribution Qinghai Guling
    • Pei Ying:
      • Qinghai contact, Mr. 钟仲文 has retired. Current people has no knowledge of the AHRP support to the schools.
      • Qinghai support started in 1998. Last year, 58 students in 6 schools received support.
      • Need to contact the 侨办 again.
    • Mengdan propose to continue support to 贵德县.
    • 曹力群 in the past has asked support to 柯柯镇 to continue.
    • Need to consolidate the number of schools and number of students.
    • Guling
      • Now part of 重庆 rather than 四川
      • Wang Zengquan family's donation was directed to 古蔺
        • Donated through United Way, not all funds reached AHRP.
    • Moxi high school student support
      • Funding gap exists
    • Yunnan:
      • 2010 support of $450 has been matched by the local 政协 with ¥3000RMB. What do we need to do next year?
      • Need to budget and inform Xiang Jianming.
      • Mengdan: suggest that the support be raised to ¥4000 for 20 students, or ¥6000 for 30 students.
      • Need to understand the intention of the local county government regarding long-term support.
      • Jiang Jiang: Must match support level with fund-raising level on this side.
  5. AHRP banking:
    • Discussed the establishment and operation of the account.
  6. Fall 2010 Ann Hua fundraising drive
    • Sign up for Sept. & Oct. Rainbow table
      • Water sale at MAF evening: water is not profitable (Huang Zheng)
      • Mengdan: Last year a table was set up to introduce AHRP -- many were interested.
    • Letter to the entire AHCS:
      • Both Chinese and English
      • Inform the start of fund-raising for new school year
      • Declare the purpose and nature of independence of AHRP
      • Emphasize (and extend) AHRP student team program, as well as its volunteer and charitable nature.
  7. 9/18 Ann Hua Mid-Autumn Festival fund-raising
  8. Donor receipt letters update
    • Wei Wang: Receipt sent up to 2009-12-31.
  9. Ann Hua reimbursement
    • (Discussed above)
  10. Other planning for 2010-2011
    • (No discussion)