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Student Action Team

2010 AHRP Student Action Team's Trip to Moxi, Sichuan

We would like to thank and congratulate our Student Action Team members for their donations and involvements. Most of our dedicated Student Action Team members have been involved in and contributed to Rainbow Project for many years.

The student action team organized a Moxi exchange trip in the summer of 2010.

We welcome and encourage more student involvement. However, a certain amount of commitment is expected of every student team member. The minimum requirements are:
  1. Annual donation to support one or more students in China at each year's support level;
  2. Participation in two or more fundraising and other events per year.
We need help from our students to spread the words about Ann-Hua Rainbow Project to the extended community far beyond Ann-Hua Chinese School.

As always, comments, suggestions and thoughts are welcome to help promote Ann-Hua Rainbow Project.

AHRP Student Action Teams