Sichuan Province Chunlei Project

Sichuan Chunlei Project is run by the Department of Children's Affairs of Sichuan Province Women's Association, with funding from charitable sources. The project targets young female students, from elementary school to high school level, with the goal of helping them staying in school to advance their education. Chunlei is a nation-wide project mostly operated by Women's Association at the provincial level. In Sichuan, the project emphasizes its support of female students in ethnic minority regions in the province.

The Ann-Hua Rainbow Project has supported the Sichuan Chunlei Project since 2004, supporting 20 students on average each year.

Sichuan Liaison:

四川省成都市宁夏街树德里 3 号
 Department of Children's Affairs, Sichuan Province Women's Association
 Sichuan Province Children's Foundation
 #3 Shude Lane, Ningxia Street, Chengdu, Sichuan Province
 Zip: 610031

Donations after 2008 are recorded separately in the Sichuan Xiaojin and Sichuan Moxi pages.

In the year 2008, Ann-Hua Rainbow Project, together with the rest of the Ann-Hua community, donated $50.00 each to support 100 students in the area affected by the earthquake of May 2008, in addition to $30.00 each to the same group of 20 students that AHRP supported in 2007 (see table below).


2007 安华彩虹捐助四川甘孜州海螺沟景区贫困生学生名单

2005 四川春蕾

2004 donations to the Sichuan Province Chunlei Project are aggregated with other 2004 donations.