Students We Support

Currently, Ann-Hua Rainbow Project (AHRP) supports about 148 students in various regions in China. Below is a summary of where those children are. Click the links to find more details -- more will bee added here as we rebuild the AHRP website.
  1. Hebei Province:
  2. Jiangxi Province:
  3. Qinghai Province:
    • Chengbei Elementary School: 10 students
    • Meijia Elementary School: 10 students
    • Wan'gantan School: 10 students
    • Shishan Central Elementary School: 8 students
    • Gonghe Township Central Elementary School: 10 students
    • Heyin Elementary School: 10 students
  4. Sichuan Province:
  5. Municipality of Chongqing:
    • Gulin County, 2 schools: 20 students
  6. Yunnan Province
In 2011, AHRP has decided to maintain the same level of support to the students in those school in China. However, due to the fact that our funds currently support 148 students, the Chinese RMB is rising in value against USD, AHRP's fundraising results have been inadequate for a number of years. We appreciate the continued support of Ann-Hua families that have generously supported the AHRP in the past, we want to thank you in the most sincere way.

Thank you! 谢谢!

Below is a map of the schools that Ann-Hua Rainbow Project has supported since its inception.
  • The red pins denote actively supported schools and blues ones inactive.
  • Click a pin to get more details.
  • Zoom in to find more specifics on location -- Note that the pins may not be on the school premises due to lack of precise address information, both on our part and on Google Maps' part.