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Letter from Rainbow Project to Ann Hua Community

posted Feb 26, 2010, 8:33 AM by Wei Wang

Dear Ann Hua Students, Families and Friends,

Happy New Year!

We are proud that the Ann Hua community is a deeply loving and caring family. Each year, we extend our care and love across the ocean to the vast land of our ancestors and cultural roots. Our students and families never forget to donate our savings, our lucky money from the red envelopes, or our hard-earned wages from working part-time outside of school, to Ann Hua Rainbow Project, to be delivered directly to more than 100 disadvantaged students in rural China, from Qing Hai, Jiang Xi, He Bei, to Si Chuan, to help with those children’s education. In the spirit of the New Year and on behalf of all the students we sponsored in China, Rainbow Project volunteers would like to express heart-felt thanks and warm wishes to all Ann Hua students, families and friends. Thank you so much for your continued support and generosity.            

In addition, as a continuation of Ann Hua’s May 2008 disaster relief support to 100 Sichuan Earthquake affected children in Xiaojin County, A Ba Yi and Tibetan Ethnic Autonomous Region of Sichuan, starting 2010, we will continuously support 10 out of those 100 Xiaojin children each year going forward, to help them complete their elementary and secondary education. 

We will also continue to utilize our summer vacations to China to visit our sponsored students.

Please email Rainbow Project at if you would like to make a donation, and if you have any questions and comments. Your kind attention and tireless support is greatly appreciated. May the New Year bring you and your family peace and joy.

We would also like to acknowledge the following families and friends who donated in 2009in no particular order):


向盈、江虹, 苏欣阳, 苏欣亮苏欣侃







周时光、李英敏Alan Zhou

李培忠, 李则翔, 李美麒, 李美麟

姜涛、蔡丽萍, 姜爱文, 姜凯文

白文玉, Gina Liu

马佳. Hao Yang, 杨怡钦, 杨新桉

吴逸平 (Jim), J. Zhang, Emily Wu

于九红, 刘昕、于昕洋

吕岩 (Anna), Owen Wu, 陈潭巍, 陈碧溪

覃振蔚Hannah Qin

赵瑛, 杨翰汶博

刘亦虹, 江畅 (Athena)

Roy Caddell (罗伊), Hannah & Kiersten

古皓瑜, 张逸冰

贺百华, 易湘宜

胡晓英, 傅予蕾

郑碧霞, 吴



眭京红 (Sui) & Lizhong Zhou, 周嵩 (Oliver)

杨海军, 杨铮


Liu Lufeng

Ichihan Tai  戴一帆





裴颖,陈 可



王伟、李林, 王若玫王玥如,王心笛


钟素妆,姚金峰姚于升 姚于川


(We apologize in case we missed your name.)


Ann Hua Rainbow Project Team