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Greetings and announcement from Ann-Hua Rainbow Project

posted Sep 10, 2011, 10:11 PM by Wei Wang
Dear all at Ann-Hua, greetings!

A new school year has just started and 2011 Mid-Autumn festivity is fast approaching. On behalf of the Ann-Hua Rainbow Project I would like to express the entire team's welcome to every one.

With your generous support, the AHRP has had another successful year of supporting our children's counterparts in China. We have sent funds that many of Ann-Hua families have donated, $5410 in total to 148 students in a number of schools in 5 provinces and Chongqing Municipality. You can find all the details in AHRP's Students We Support page.

Thanks to the generosity of Ann-Hua families, hard work of the team AHRP and its Student Action Team and support from all AHCS volunteers, Rainbow Project successfully raised close to $3500 in the 2010-2011 school year, through donations, some corporate matching funds and various activities. That means that AHRP has nearly $2000 an annual deficit which has persisted through the last few years. Although AHRP currently has a positive balance on its account, this is definitely not a sustainable situation for the project.

Therefore, as we do every new school year, we would like to call on all Ann-Hua families to renew your support or join the effort. To those who have been supporting our students, we say thank you! Please help us spread the word. For those who are new to Ann-Hua, we say welcome! We need you and your students and we believe AHRP will benefit your students as well.

The AHRP team will be setting up a table on the next four Sundays (9/11, 9/18, 9/25, 10/2) at the Chinese School's Concordia campus as well as the Mid-Autumn Gala at Saline High School (evening of Saturday 9/17). We would love to see familiar faces and new faces on these occasions.

For those who wish to donate but only go to the UM campus at the Engineering School, please give your donation to an AHCS team member on-duty -- We thank the AHCS team for their gracious promise to help with our fund-raising effort.

For families with high-schoolers, the AHRP Student Action Team would love to have them joining this great cause and to have fun at the same time (Videos of our students visiting schools supported by the AHRP in China can be found on YouTube: 2010 Moxi Visit, and 2011 Acer and Family to Qinghai).

Together we will make a difference!


Wei Wang, on behalf of the Ann-Hua Rainbow Project