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First Day of Fundraising a Success

posted Sep 14, 2009, 7:08 AM by Wei Wang
AHRP Team member Xiaohong Chen reported that, "We had a very successful start on the fundraiser today, and got a total donation of $850 plus a $120 promised donation. The total comes from six families. We shared the same table with the people selling Mid-Autumn Festival tickets. When the parents came to buy tickets we promoted our rainbow project. I had a chance talk to Amy Li, the principal,  Annhua team members and parents. Amy Li told me she knew the Rainbow Project a few years after becoming AnnHua Community memeber. One of the parents who concerns if the donation really goes to a poverty family or student. This concern impacts our fundraiser. Annhua Rainbow Project does not just collect money, it also works with the organization in China to guarantee the money used as desired. The pictures took during the visit of currently supported schools showing our other work behind the scenes."

Some corporations such as Pfizer encourage their employees' donations to charitable causes. Some match 100% of employee donations. Ann-Hua Chinese School as well as Ann-Hua Rainbow Project can benefit from this type of corporate support. In the case of Pfizer, an employee donation of $250 or more is matched 100%. The process is relatively simple:
  1. The employee donates to Ann-Hua Rainbow Project;
  2. The employee downloads a form in PDF format, prints it out, fill it out and sign it;
  3. The employee then mail the form to Ann-Hua Rainbow Project (see Donate to AHRP);
  4. An Ann-Hua Rainbow Project officer fills out another part of the form, signs it and mail it to Pfizer;
  5. Pfizer will then mail a check of the same amount as the donation to Ann-Hua Rainbow Project.
We encourage more Ann-Hua parents research with their employers to find out if such corporate support exists.

Again, we sincerely thank all supporters of Ann-Hua Rainbow Project.