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History of the Ann-Hua Rainbow Project goes back to 1998, when Dr. Cao Liqun organized the effort at Ann-Hua Chinese School in the second half of that year, as part of an activity coordinated by The Chinese School Association in the United States (CSAUS) and the China Overseas Exchange Association (COEA). Ann Hua Chinese School under then Principal Mr. Yong Huang was one of the founding organization and an active participant of the Project. The goal of Rainbow Project is to develop relationships between Chinese schools in the US and China in order to promote exchange between US-born Chinese youths and their counterparts in China, many of whom are in financial hardships. In such exchange, the Project hope to provide some help to those needy students in China, to promote friendship between the youth on both sides of the Pacific and to help them express their care for each other. The project is named "Rainbow" to symbolize the hope for such love and care to span across the geographical distance.

Regardless the amount, every donation counts. Based on the annual average expenses elementary school students had on books and fees, the amount donated to each student was initially set at $24USD. Initially each participating Chinese school in the US collected funds from donors, then forwarded the funds to CSAUS in Huston, Texas. CSAUS was charged with transferring all the US donations to the COEA in Beijing, which then distributed the funds to provincial overseas Chinese affairs offices, then to individual schools, and finally to students. This lengthy process was simplified soon in 1999. Each US school contacted the provincial offices in the provinces it had supported school(s), the COEA Beijing office was no longer involved.

With the active support of Ann-Hua families, in 1998 Ann-Hua Chinese School supported four elementary schools in China (One in Qinghai, one in Gansu and two in Xinjiang), with a total of $1195 that went to help 40 students as well as some needed facility maintenance and updates.

The changes in 1999 also brought loss of leadership control to the national organizations both in China and in the US. Most US Chinese schools abandoned the project. In December 1999, the new leadership of Ann-Hua Chinese School under Principal Mr. Louis Yan made the decision to reinvigorate the Rainbow Project without the coordination of a national organization. With Ann-Hua Chinese School being the sole operator, the school leadership decided to rename the project Ann-Hua Rainbow Project (AHRP), marking its independence from other local or national organizations. With continued support from the present and past Ann-Hua students and families, Ann-Hua Rainbow Project's fundraising was a success. The effort even attracted donations from non-Ann-Hua families. In 2000, the project was able to support the same four school in China with a total of $1120 towards helping students and school improvement.

Early 2001, the new Ann-Hua Chinese School team under Principal Mr. Kai Tang continued to support the AHRP. However, the school in Gansu never responded to our attempt to contact them or reported any status, which led to the decision to end AHRP's donation to that school. The remaining three school received a total of $780 in 2001. In the same year, a new school in Qinghai was added to the list of AHRP's support, which received $340 in April. AHRP again provided four schools with a total of $1120 in the entire year.

In 2002, AHRP continued to enjoy support from the Ann-Hua Chinese School team under new Principal Dr. Youxue Zhang. Donation to each Chinese student was increased from $24 to $25. In 2002, AHRP sent the same previous four schools a total of $1100.

AHRP's 2003 fundraising campaign enjoyed more success with the support from the 2003 Ann-Hua team under Principal Dr. Jiuqiang Liu. Two new elementary schools were added to the list. A sum of $1700 were provided to six schools.

In the five years between 1998 and 2003, Ann Hua Rainbow Project donated a total of USD$7,335.00 converting to approximately RMB59,400.00. Donations directly benefited a total of 224 students in 8 elementary schools in different parts of China. The project also indirectly benefited many more students through funds donated to school improvements.

Since 2004, Ann-Hua principals Mr. Xinyu Zhang and Mr. Songnian Li also strongly supported Ann-Hua Rainbow Project, both in words and in deeds, in its mission to provide support to students in China as well as call for participation from the Ann-Hua community.
Below is a brief summary of Ann-Hua Rainbow Project's activities.

  • 青海柯柯镇第一完全小学的十名学生获得捐款。另外,捐赠学校的款项购买了单杠、双杠、乒乓球设备,以及一些教学材料。
  • 新疆库尔勒市第一小学和叶城新城南路第一小学各十名学生接受了我们的捐助。
  • 甘肃 Monigou 小学的十名学生获得捐助。
  • 青海柯柯镇第一完全小学十二名学生获得捐助。另外,捐赠学校的款项购买了乒乓球设备、篮球架和篮球、排球网和排球、以及教具。
  • 新疆库尔勒市第一小学十名学生接受了我们的捐助。另外,捐赠学校的款项购买了教学材料。
  • 新疆叶城新城南路第一小学十名学生接受了我们的捐助。
  • 甘肃 Monigou 小学的十名学生获得捐助。
  • 青海柯柯镇第一完全小学十二名学生获得捐助。学校获小额捐赠。
  • 青海化隆回族自治县第一小学十名学生获得捐赠。学校获小额捐赠。
  • 新疆库尔勒市第一小学十名学生接受了我们的捐助。
  • 新疆叶城新城南路第一小学十名学生接受了我们的捐助。
  • 青海柯柯镇第一完全小学十二名学生获得捐助。学校获小额捐赠增购设备。
  • 青海化隆回族自治县第一小学十名学生获得捐赠。学校获小额捐赠增购设备。
  • 新疆库尔勒市第一小学十名学生接受了我们的捐助。
  • 新疆叶城新城南路第一小学十名学生接受了我们的捐助。
  • 青海柯柯镇第一完全小学十二名学生获得捐助。学校获小额捐赠增购设备。
  • 青海化隆回族自治县第一小学十名学生获得捐赠。学校获小额捐赠增购设备。
  • 青海沙柳河镇完全小学十名学生获得捐赠。学校获小额捐赠增购设备。
  • 青海河西镇中心小学十名学生获得捐赠。学校获小额捐赠增购设备。
  • 新疆库尔勒市第一小学十名学生接受了我们的捐助。
  • 新疆叶城新城南路第一小学十名学生接受了我们的捐助。
  • Ann-Hua Rainbow Project donated a total of $2766.00 to 105 students in 10 different schools.
    • Jiangxi Guangqiao Elementary School: $300.00 donated to 12 students;
    • Sichuan Province:
    • Qinghai Province:
      • 贵德县河西镇中心小学:10 students, $260.00
      • 化隆回族自治县第一小学:11 students, $286.00
      • 乌兰县第三中学(原柯柯镇第一完全小学):10 students, $260.00
      • 刚察县沙柳河公社永丰完全小学:10 students, $260.00
  • Due to uncertainty on Chinese central government's reform on basic education policy and funding, Ann-Hua Rainbow Project did not grant support to students in 2006, except for $350.00 provided to Jiangxi Guangqiao Elementary School for purchasing physical ed equipment.
  • AHRP provided a total of $2380.00 to 68 students in 7 schools:
  • Special earthquake relief funds of $5000.00 distributed to 100 students in Xiaojin County, Sichuan Province, through the Sichuan Chunlei Project, as part of response from the Ann-Hua community to May 12 Sichuan Earthquake.